Tourism consultancy services in Bahrain.

Market your destination with us !
Experts of Strategy , Planning , Marketing & Sustainable Tourism.

Program customization

  • Customized for the tourism partners & tourism components.
  • All our programs will be customized to fit your organizations/facility requirement & goals, and we will focus on the best local and international practices, such as:

1.Touristic Inspiration

Structure a unique destination branding and creative marketing strategies:

  • Measure where you stand and what we need to do to be listed on the top ten tourist destination worldwide.
  • Identify target segments in each market, promotion strategies, Locally and internationally.
  • Tourism Marketing Plan for Your destination.
  • Creative Ideas to Market Your Destination- we know how to do it.
  • Design and structure campaigns to target the targeted audience-locally and internationally.

2.Tourist satisfaction surveys/questioners-continuous improvement

  • End user feedback are very important.                 
  • Measure the performance of your clients/partners.
  • Surveys/ questionnaires are Multi-lingual and customized based on Bahrain tourism sector.


Airport, port, hotels and other tourist attractions, hospitality firms. Temporary and permanent recommendations will be provided. 

3.Market research

Audit, review and measure the competency of the tourism components & partners to ensure they are complying by best practices, example of these firms; tourism facilities, tourism agencies, DMCs, tourist guides, hotel and hospitality industry.

4.Legislations and resolutions: Review and update 

Review and draft all documentation related to tourism and hospitality sector such as; rule and regulations, resolutions, hotel classification, operating procedures, job responsibility, customer satisfaction , Adopt/add best international /regional practices and structure an integrated system. 

Review your originational procedures with us, an expert of each field will participate at each review as required.

The Way Forward:

Program customization - motivate the tourism partners & tourism components-customize it based on the tourism sector demand.

  • BOOST .
  • Reactivate.
  • Involve.
  • Motivate.
  • Identify duties and responsibilities/Reform.
  • Reclassify/Enhancing tourism firm: audit, empowering program designing, legislations update and inspection.

Why you need a local third party

  • To get a second opinions from different professional perspective with different approach of audit/background and recommendations.
  • A second set of eyes-the benefits of a third-party involvement.    
  • Save resources -time and money.